Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its the Weekend :D

I am terribly excited about the weekend... Especially this weekend, a drama free weekend. Some things I have noticed over the past 24 hours and I will say this. Liars make me sick at my stomach. When someone lies to me and I clearly know it... I never trust them again. I never "hear" their name the same again. I don't forget... and I tend to start pulling away and separating myself almost instantly... Not saying thats a bad thing. I just have no use for drama, nor do I have a use for liars. There is no space in my life nor do I have the time to waste.

Ok.. now that I vented about that... YAY its the weekend :p I am going to mimic Meg and create a to do list to finish over the next TWO days...

1. limit myself to two hours of computer time a day
2. finish reading my two books
3. Plan out next weeks schedule of events
4. Plan out next weeks menu
5. Possibly go shopping for what groceries I am lacking
6. Spoil my husband, he deserves it
7. Walk 30 minutes each day
8. Eat a yogurt a day :D
9. Drink more water
10.wash laundry and actually put it up :(

Friday, February 19, 2010

Its Mall and Cookie Day!!!

Well, since we have gotten here, we have started the tradition with our local friends to pack up the kids and go to the mall, play at the play area and enjoy yummy fresh mall cookies and then bring home lunch for our hard working men.....

I don't know why I look forward to it so, other than the warm fresh gooey cookies... the friendships and laughter that just happen while you are eating cookies and the funny little things the kids do between point a and point b...

Its friday :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My next conquest....

So I am currently reading the book Julie and Julia by Julie Powell.... Well I have not seen the movie, but the idea absolutely intrigues me, cooking through Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child... I even have the book myself.... but... once I got into this book and learned all the HIDEOUS things that must be purchased and CONSUMED... I am seriously having second thoughts

Like scraping bone marrow out of a cow's thigh bone to put on top of a freshly seared steak...yuck in my book... Or boiling cow hooves to make a gelatinous substance to suspend poached eggs no thanks.... and there are so many more that just turn my stomach...

I am hugely interested in "getting back to the basics" of things.. With us having five million children, boxed meals like Hamburger helper just truly do not serve purpose in our household... So I am interested in older cook books that were geared to the more typical, larger family way back in the day.... Plus I just do not like using artificial anything... if God wanted us to eat artificial... why make real? I mean seriously, why must we replicate what God has already created for us? Why can't we be satisfied with the real thing, the BETTER tasting things in life.... Why can't we, as a society, just admit we are lazy turds that require more exercise than getting up off the sofa to refill our soda glasses.. .I don't think injecting our diets with artificial ingredients solves anything at all...... that also takes us to the organic debate, which seems to be a good debate to be had... but my wallet doesn't typically support the organic theory no matter HOW much my mind says yep, eat organic...

So.. anyway, I am contemplating cooking through a cook book... and blogging about it as well... Not sure which book quite yet... but its definitely on my mind....


As I am creating this blog, I realize, I have blogger issues... maybe I love to hear myself or something... IDK... but this is my THIRD blog... I have one just for family and friends (not too personal of info and seriously can't gripe about anything good there...) and I have my random blog where I blog about pointless stupid stuff that pertains to nothing but a mighty good laugh... hmmmm maybe I will combine that one with this one....

This is my daily life blog. I will whine, I will fuss... I will complain of others.... And I don't care if you like it or not :p

Please leave messages and discussions. I am open to it!

To the peeps new to getting to know me. I am a fairly new army wife... My husband enlisted over a year ago now. Its been quite the journey. We have lived in three homes in one year... thankful to be semi permanently settled at the moment....

We are facing our first deployment.... if it would hurry up and actually happen... with my man having knee issues... the topic is a sore spot in our household at the moment :p